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In my work  I push myself to look beyond the safety of familiar forms. I am looking for visual coherence and conceptualize that in my search for new forms, and experiment with these. 


I start off with one ore more irrational ideas or thoughts. Realizing form models and sketches based on those ideas inspire me to equip myself with the skills necessary to explore new possibilities.

In engaging challenges as results of these experiments the autonom objects - architectural models / sculptures-  are accomplished.

The objects imply order, balance and control, but at the same time also coincidence, disorder and the irrational. Due to the variety of materials I work with, the sculptures per small group are often related in terms of image language and theme.

I set myself the goal of creating autonomous work; that I make sculptures that are elementary and monumental. I am searching for the balance between the relationship to reality and the autonomous expression of the idea which I started.



-  Fenix Rotterdam. Group expo                                       August 28 - September 8

-  Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk. Group expo            October 5 - 6

-  Exposition Vondelweg 87  R'dam                                  December 7 -14



-  Kootsekade 19 R'dam Group Expo                               Cancelled


-  Stadstimmerhuis Rotterdam                                         Cancelled


-  Laurenskerk   Rotterdam                                                Cancelled


- Markthal Rotterdam, Group of 4 artists                         July 

- Galerie RAR Spijkenisse, Group of  5 artists                  November


EDUCATION (graduated)

Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam.  Visual Arts

  Sculptor         Member CBK, Karmijn Kunstenaarscollectief 

Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam.  Architecture 

  Architect        MSc    Registered


In the nineties I began practicing as an architect in association with building companies and later on as independent architect/ planner and adviser (

Since 2016 I started working mainly autonom as an architect and sculptor in my studio on the Vondelweg 87 in Rotterdam. All the work shown on my portfolio is from 2017 till present.

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